10 Ways to Keep Your Golf Game Sharp This Winter

keep your golf game sharp this winter

Golf is a game of mental and physical stamina. To keep one’s game crisp and sharp in the off season, it’s important to fine-tune the mind and body. In order to help you stay in shape and ready to hit the course again, here are some of the best tips to keep the golf game sharp for spring.


Lift Weights

Strength training not only supports the body but helps the mind stay sharp as well. Keep the glutes and core strong to avoid injury when returning to golf in the spring and provide balance and power.  Get a winter membership at North Fitness Center in Logan and get yourself in there in the mornings.

Tip: Try an extra set of squats while holding weights in each hand.


It’s a Mental Game

Work on the pre-shot routine and mental focus. The better focused the mind, the better the body can perform under pressure. Yoga is a great practice to help build flexibility and core strength but also supports better range of motion and mental clarity. Many pro athletes attest to the benefits of visualizing your performance before, during, and after you’re on the course.

Tip: Take a deep breath, relax and practice visualizing shots.


Swing Weighted Clubs

Working with weighted clubs helps improve timing and mechanics of the swing. The body’s motor memory is enhanced while swinging a heavier club and when you get your regular clubs in hand again, the decreased weight will make for a smoother swing.

Tip: the body will feel the moment of impact better after practicing with weighted clubs


Practice in the Mirror

Use a full-length mirror as a training aid. Try several slow motion swings and correlate the feeling with what you see in the mirror. Make adjustments as necessary.  The brain learns via mirror neurons so when you watch yourself (or watch a pro) your brain learns and adjusts as necessary.

Tip: practice a full swing, backswing and downswing for five minutes, four times a week.


Visit the Range

Hit some actual balls in the off-season. In inclement weather when our course is inaccessible, an indoor range can help a person practice driving, putting, and chipping.  

Tip: Try to visit the range at least once a week


Chip and Putt

Practice chipping and putting on carpet. It’s similar to the fairway and green and most convenient when searching for a place to practice.

Tip: Set up a place in the house to practice every week.


Use a Simulator

Simulators are virtual reality games that monitor and display club speed, trajectory, spin axis, launch conditions, distance, and other variables to help get a feel of the game. Real-time information is fed back to the player to simulate an outdoor golf experience.  Working with a simulator can be very enlightening when you see all that real-time data.

Tip: Use the data to hyper-tune one’s swing.


Watch the Golf Channel

Increasing one’s golf IQ by tuning into the Golf Channel is an excellent way to tune up one’s game. Watch shows which help people fine tune swings and take cues from pros on tour. Watch others golf in winter months, take notes, and practice at an indoor range where possible.

Tip: Remain immersed in the game of golf to stay at the top of one’s game, including watching, reading or exploring information on improving one’s game.

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