5 Musts for Outdoor Weddings in Hocking Hills

wedding in hocking hills


At Hocking Hills Golf Course we have the opportunity to host many outdoor weddings. After helping execute these wonderful gatherings we have compiled our top 5 wedding musts!

1. Ceremony Backdrops

Creating a ceremony backdrop will add an exciting visual element and makes a great addition to photographs. Having a backdrop is a great opportunity to tie in your theme and colors and also creates a focal point for guests.


2. Chair Cushions

This may seem unnecessary, but the heat of the summer can heat up chairs and make them quite uncomfortable for guests. Providing seat cushions will make for a more enjoyable and comfortable seat!


3. Lightweight Fabric

Do your bridesmaids a favor and choose lightweight breathable fabrics for dresses. Short dresses are a great option as well to keep them cool during an outdoor wedding. No one wants to be weighed down or overheat outdoors!


4. Shade

Offer your guests a space to cool off at your wedding. Great shade options includes seating under trees, renting a tent, or setting up large umbrellas.


5. Games

Having an outdoor wedding usually means you are not as limited to space. Cornhole, giant tic tac toe, life size jenga, or horseshoes are great options to keep your guests busy and ensure a good time!


For more information on weddings and receptions check out our website  . If you are interested in holding your wedding at Hocking Hills Golf Course please contact our wedding planner at (740) 385-8966.

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