Cute Ideas for Small Weddings in the Hocking Hills

Cute Ideas for Small Weddings

Weddings in the Hocking Hills are beautiful occasions in any season and there are a number of options for a lovely ceremony all around the county.  Several considerations come to mind for planning your wedding, including size of the occasion. Size is an important consideration as it can determine the energy of the event. The couple will also get more time to spend with family and guests at a small wedding while truly enjoying the moment. Explore some ideas to keep in mind for a small, intimate celebration.


Smaller Budget

Couples who seek a more intimate wedding celebration may consider a smaller budget with fewer guests but explore options for a four-course dinner over less food and more guests. A couple getting married who wants to maximize the budget can truly have it all, even on a smaller budget.


Treat Guests

A small wedding has an intimate atmosphere and the opportunity to provide an elaborate event with less guests. Keeping things small may mean paying closer attention to tiny details such as transportation to and from the wedding, provision of treats for guests, or a wider array of options for table decorations to make the day spectacular.

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Details Matter

Wedding consultants do not have to be a luxury item when planning the big day. Planning the event can be an overwhelming experience with many details to figure out. A consultant can help provide extra attention to details that might otherwise get overlooked in the planning and execution.


Let Us Entertain You

Family and friends can become a more intimate part of the ceremony and celebration when the event is smaller. Depending how small, some may want to take turns reading a line of prayer or special reading during the ceremony. Family can also be seated closer to the bride and groom for the big day rather than be part of the larger crowd.


Limit Guests

The guest list is one area couples find challenging to narrow down. Picking whom to invite to share in the special day depends on many factors. Some couples decide to limit the list to include only close family and friends rather than unfamiliar faces to keep it a more intimate setting.



The wedding itself can be a smaller affair with the reception being larger if the couple so chooses. There are many ways to plan a wedding with no one way being right or wrong, it is a matter of how intimate the couple wants the ceremony and reception to be. A bigger crowd can be more fun for the dancing and party after the ceremony, so it is an option worth keeping in mind.


Destination Weddings

Pick and choose the best people from both sides to be present at a destination wedding. Stretch festivities out to a full week of skiing, hiking, exploring, and relaxation with only the closest relatives and friends nearby. The Hocking Hills Golf Club has beautiful green hills to host outdoor ceremonies at different spots around the course. A beautiful indoor banquet room boasts incredible views of the area including front greens. The bride, groom and guests will definitely feel pampered attending a wedding at one of the most lush, gorgeous golf courses in Ohio.


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