Explore the Haunted Hocking Hills

haunted hocking hills

The beautiful autumn weather is finally upon is and it brings with it one of the most fun times of year — Halloween!  The Hocking Hills are known for many things, from ancient rock formations to Amish home cooking, but we’re also surrounded by a plethora of haunted locations and fun Halloween destinations.  These are just a few of the things you can find to do this Halloween season in and around the Haunted Hocking Hills.

Halloween on the Hocking

The Original Hocking Hills Canoe Livery right here in Logan Ohio offers a fun, spooky night on the Hocking River for you and your family.  Join the gang any of the last 3 Saturdays in October for a spooky canoe trip down a half mile stretch of the river where you’ll encounter ghouls, goblins, and all sorts of monsters lurking in the shadows ready to pounce.  It’s great fun for the whole family, followed by a hay ride through a haunted hay field and s’mores around the campfire.

Moonville Tunnel

Deep in the woods of Vinton County there used to be a small mining town called Moonville. All that remains of it now is an abandoned train tunnel just sitting out in the forest. Legends abound concerning the old tunnel, including the ghost of a conductor that fell off the train and was killed on the tracks.  Locals say at night on full moons you can see his lantern bobbing in the dark of the tunnel.  This year the Lake Hope State Park folks are hosting a Midnight at Moonville gathering on October 15 with local vendors, music, dramatic performances, and holiday fun.

Ohio University

Thousands of ghost stories and haunted legends bubble up from Athens Ohio every year.  It’s long been considered one of the most haunted places in America, boasting a ghost for every dorm hall.  The students of OU also throw one of the state’s biggest and most outlandish Halloween block parties the Saturday closest to Halloween where the streets of Athens are literally overrun by costumed revelers.

Scotts Creek Falls

Another outdoor spot with several ghost legends associated with it, Scotts Creek Falls has had reports of a women wandering along the edge of the creek at night and the sounds of trapped horses under the water.  The story goes that a newly married couple had their wagon slip into the creek where the water slips into some underground caverns.  Some say they still haunt the area, particularly around Halloween.

Hocking Halloween Campout

The Hocking Hills State Parks are hosting a festive event this year called the Hocking Halloween Campout.  Join the group to explore strange happenings at Ash Cave where haunted ghost stories avail, get involved with pumpkin decorating, and enjoy a spooky movie and bonfire at Old Man’s Cave Campground.


In addition to the many haunted places to explore around the area, there are a number of excellent haunted houses put on by dramatic groups all around the area.  Join us for a season of fun here in the Haunted Hocking Hills!

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