Hole 1

A 456 yard slight dogleg left par 5 guarded by bunkers on the front and water right and long, a well placed approach to the green should reward a player with a great score to start your round.

Hole 2

A 195 yard par 3 to a green that slopes from left to right. Avoid the grass bunker just short and left of the green.

Hole 3

A 395 yard dogleg right par 4 that requires a well placed tee shot leaving a mid to long iron to a green protected by water short and right. This is our #1 handicap hole and has been nicknamed “ole pumper” due to the existence of oil well pump being located on the hole.

Hole 4

A par 3 with multiple tees that can allow the hole to play up 180 yards over a valley to an elevated green…par is a great score.

Hole 5

A 271 yard downhill dogleg left par 4 that gives you the option of laying up or attempting to go for green and make eagle. This is a true risk reward hole.

Hole 6

A 520 yard dead straight away par 5 that a well paced tee shot should produce a good score.

Hole 7

A 358 yard par 4 that requires a tee shot placed down the right hand side leaving an approach to an elevated green. Par is a great score.

Hole 8

A 515 yard par 5 that is a great scoring opportunity but avoid the large walnut tree down the left side of the fairway.

Hole 9

A 162 par 3 with multiple teeing options avoid out of bounds left and the large bunker guarding the right side of the green.

Hole 10

A 350 yard uphill dogleg left par 4 place the ball in the fairway and make a solid approach to the green. (Hint: approach shots play 10-15 yards longer.) This is our #2 handicap hole.

Hole 11

A 381 yard dead straight away par 4 that a well placed tee leaves a good chance at birdie.

Hole 12

A 145 yard par 3 over water.

Hole 13

A 452 yard dogleg left par 5 with plenty of elevation change and undulation in the fairway.  A well placed tee shot leaves a player with a decision to make, lay up or go for the green in two.

Hole 14

A 194 yard picturesque par 3 that requires a tee shot over a valley from tee to green. par is a great score here.

Hole 15

A 535 uphill dogleg right par 5 that after a well placed tee shot the rest of the hole plays back own hill to a green guarded by water long and bunkers to the right.

Hole 16

A 420 yard par 4 to an elevated green. This is a great hole to score!

Hole 17

A 152 yard par 3 to a green guarded left, right and rear with bunkers.

Hole 18

A dead downhill 356 yard par 4 that the longer hitters can have a go at green! This tee is the highest point on the course and creates a great photo opportunity.