Our New Automated Irrigation System Has Been Installed

golf course irrigation system

We’re always doing little upgrades and maintenance projects here at the golf course but we’re especially proud of our brand new automated irrigation system from Wolf Creek Irrigation. Watering the course is one of the biggest jobs for our caretakers and there are many nuances to the timing throughout the summer to keep things looking green and lush. It’s important to get it right, which is why the investment in an automated watering system we can control via mobile device was a win-win.

This state-of-the-art Rain Bird Irrigation Control System required the installation team to lay over 6.5 miles of wire throughout the golf course and mount 296 sprinklers.  Total installation time was about 4 weeks beginning to end and it has all been well worth it!  A golf course superintendent’s dream come true, really.

Our Superintendent Chris Lanning commented about the new system, “I can check the total health of the golf course in thirty seconds from my phone. Course maintenance is the biggest part of my job so this is a game-changer.”

The Rain Bird IC allows our crew to program watering plans for the entire course on a digital timer and adjust it on the fly according to weather patterns. This means we don’t waste water and the areas of the course that need the most care will get it. It takes the human error out of proper watering to make sure we maintain lush, green grass all summer long.

The installation should be complete by mid October.

Be sure to come out and get some golf time in before the cold months are on us!

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