Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Hocking Hills

biking the hocking hills

The Hocking Hills are located in the Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, mostly in Hocking County. Cliffs, gorges, rock shelters, and waterfalls make up the landscape of a beautiful area full of events, activities, and space to find quiet or adventure. Learn more about the region and try some new things including biking and ghost hunting.


Biking Trails

One of the best ways to experience Hocking Hills is to bring or rent a bicycle and explore the trails. Whether riding on the mountain bike trails or going at a more leisurely pace, there is something for everyone here in the Hocking Hills. Some of the trails to check out include:


  • Hocking Hills State Parkoffers up to 4 miles of trail including 2 separate loops (one for beginner and one extreme)
  • Lake Hope State Parkmore than 25 miles of singletrack open to mountain bikes exist for riders of all levels. Hope Furnace Trail Loops averages 4-6 miles in length, Copperhead Loop features ridgetop riding while the Old Big Loop is 16 miles and features some of the best mountain bike trails at Lake Hope including a combination of Hope Furnace, Habron, Copperhead, and Sidewinder.



Supernatural Phenomena

Explore some mysterious and possibly haunted places in Ohio. Reports of ghosts have been cited by visitors and locals while thrill seekers come from all over to investigate the spooky goings on. Check out the following places known for eerie history and supernatural sightings:


  • Conkle’s Hollow Legend: Native Americans lived in the area and were hung for robbing travelers, hiding stolen treasures in nearby caves and taverns. Legend says white visitors who seek lost treasure are followed by the shadows of former settlers.
  • Old Man’s Cave Legend: Richard Roe lived in Old Mans Cave with hunting hounds in the 1800’s. Some campers believe sounds of Roe’s hounds are still heard howling on a full moon.
  • Ash Cave Legend: A mysterious lady dressed in 1920’s attire reportedly peers behind trees throughout treks around the cave.
  • Rose Lake Legend: While searching for her lost son, a woman fell off the edge of a cliff and died. Legend says fishermen still hear the woman screaming for her son’s return.

Exploring the sites is worth a trip for the scenery and views alone. It is always possible to make a new friend along the way.



Hocking Hills is the place to be for fantastic events with a beautiful backdrop. Stop by some of the following events for some fun in the hills:

  • Washboard Music Festival: celebrate washboard music styles from jazz to zydeco. Entertainment for the whole family June 16-18.


  • Lily Fest: enjoy some music in a woodland setting with beautiful gardens, artists and crafts on display among the flowers July 8-10.
  • Lancaster Fest: music, art and family fun in downtown Lancaster July 20-30.



Of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to golf the rolling hills of Southern Ohio here at the Hocking Hills Golf Club!

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